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All Kerala Catholic Congress (A.K.C.C)

Director : Rev. Fr. Sebastian Chembukandathil
President: Baby Perumalil
Address: Bishop’s House, P.B.No. 1, Thamarassery, Calicut Dt. 673 573

Alpha Maria Academy

Director: Rev. Fr.  Joseph Pulichamackal
Address: Alpha Academy, Kunnamangalam, Near Auxillian Navajyothi School, M.L.A. Road, Kunnamanagalam, Kozhikode Dt. 673 571

Altar Boys

Director: Rev. Fr.  Jacob Areethara
Address: St. Alphonsa Minor Seminary, P.B. No. 1, Thamarassery P.O., Kozhikode - 673 573

Athmadhara Councelling

Director: Rev. Fr.  Kurian Puramadom
Address: PMOC,  Marikunnu P.O.  Calicut Dt. – 673 012

Bethania Retreat Center

Director: Rev. Fr. George Mundanatt
Address: Pulloorampara P.O, Calicut Dt.  673 603

Bible Apostolate

Director: Rev. Fr. Thomas Chilampikunnel
Bishop's House, P.B. No. 1, Thamarassery P.O., Kozhikode - 673 573

Centre for Overall Development (C.O.D)

Director : Rev. Fr. Joseph Mukaleparambil
Asst. Director: Rev. Fr. George Chemparathickal
Coordinator Rev. Fr. Jacob Puthenpurackal

Rev. Fr. Sudeep Kizhukkarakkattu
Address : Matha Tower, Thamarassery P.O.- 673 573
Telephone : 0495-2223022,2222390, Fax: 2223618
E-mail : codtmsy@gmail.com, codtmsy@sify.com

C.O.D is the official organ of the social apostolate of the Diocese of Thamarassery. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (No. 507/89). It works for the social development of the poor and the marginalised in its operational area of Kozhikode and Malappuram Districts.  It forms and sustains various types of grass root level, peoples organisations as Mahilasamajams, Self Help groups,Youth clubs, Farm clubs, Nature clubs and Senior citizens Groups.  Self help is the thrust in all the programmes.

The president of C.O.D is  the Protosyncellus of the Eparchy. The Secretary and Treasurer is the Director appointed by the Bishop. The Executive Body includes seven members comprising women representatives. The Executive Body is elected from the General Body.

Vision: Social transformation by creating a just world based on a value system. i.e, peace,equality and brotherhood.

Mission: Enabling the people to work themselves for the social development.

Target group: The poor and the marginalised people of the society, including the women and children. The various programmes of C.O.D promote the formation and strengthening of these peoples'organisations.

Structure: Under the Director and the Exe. Programme Director, there is a Project officer and regional animators who have the responsibility of overall co-ordination and under them there are various programe co-ordinators and supporting staff. There are field level animators and grass root level leaders who monitor the various people’s organisations in their area. Local leaders of each people's organisation guide the groups effectively. Each Panchayath has an apex body comprised from the representatives of SHG and clusters of ward level groups. The village animation is done by the secretary of that Grama Vikasana Samiti (GVS).  Representatives from each peoples' organisation will also include the General Body of GVS.

Regionalisation is made for easy access and for better participation. South region covers Malappuram District, Central Region and North Region Covers Calicut District. COD has two-project officesfor Water Supply and Sanitation at Koodaranji and Veliamkode (Near Ponnani). COD has two training Centers one at Puthuppady and other at Marudomkara. Presently COD has a staff capacity of 31 and out of which 25 are women.


Cherupushpa Mission League (CML)

Director: Rev. Fr. Augustine Vamattathil
Vice Director: Sr. Ancy Maria SH, Sr. Celin Jose SH
President: Mr. Joy Puthiyaparambil
Vice President : Ms. Linta Babu Valliyampoykayil
Secretary: Mr. Sino Thomas Karukapallil
Gen. Organiser : Jino Mathew Tharapputhottiyil

Commission for Ecumenism & Dialogue

Director: Rev. Fr. Dominic Thoomkuzhy

Communication Media

Director: Rev. Fr. Sebastian Karakattu
Address: PMOC, Marikunnu P.O., Kozhikode - 673 012

Corporate Educational Agency

Director : Rev. Fr. Sebastian Purayidathil
Address: Bishop’s House, P.B. No.1,  Thamarassery P.O., Calicut Dt. 673 573


Director: Rev. Fr.  Thomas Parankulangara, Resident Manager, Deepika
Director DFC
Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakkel

Department of Catechism

Director : Rev. Dr. Joseph Vadakkel
Office Secretary: Sr. Regina SFN
Address: PMOC, Marikunnu P.O. Kozhikode Dt. Pin 673 012
Telephone: 0495-2731747
Total Number Of Sunday Schools: 123
Total Number Of Teachers : 1552
Total Number Of Students : 20400


Catechetical instruction and formation in Sunday Schools in the Diocese is organised under three levels - Parish, Mekhala,  and diocesan.  119 Sunday Schools of the Diocese are organised under 10 mekhalas and one region. Each parish and Mekhala has a parish catechetical committee and a mekhala catechetical committee respectively and the Diocese has a diocesan catechetical committee, to give guidance and leadership for Sunday School catechetical formation. Every parish priest is the director of the parish committee. The priest appointed by the Bishop for each mekhala is the mekhala director of the mekhala committee. Diocesan promoters are visiting the Sunday School at least once in a year to help them to grow in faith.        


Mekhala Committees

Mekhala Director President Secretary Lady Representatives
Karuvarakundu Very. Rev. Fr. Dominic Thoomkuzhy, Karuvarakundu, Tharish 676 523, Mob.9496058187 Mrs. Lilly Joy, Moonnanappallil, Kuttathy p.o, Karuvarakundu, Malappuram, 676 523, 9497488239 Mr. Jairaj Jacob, Kuttiyanikkal House, Adackakundu,70Acre, Kalikave-676525, Malappuram, 04931-257285, 9446957285, 9946570285
Kodanchery Very. Rev. Fr. Joseph, Oliakattil, St.Marys , Church, Kodanchery, 673 580, 0495-2236239, 9497205287 Mr. George Paikayil, Kodanchery P.O, Mob.9495260321 Mr. Shajan Kanjirathinkal, Murampathy P.O, Valiyakolly, 9447292684
Koorachundu Very. Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Iykolambil, St. Thomas Church, Athiyodi 673 527, 9447292539 Mr. Abraham M.J, Manalodi Bhavan, Kakkayam p.o. Kozhikode, 673 615, 9446783538 Mr. Thomson Mathew, Edathinal, Kakkayam, 673 615, 0496-2698175, 9495612002
Malappuram Very. Rev. Fr. Mathew, Kandassamkunnel, St.Thomas Church, Malappuram, 676 505, 9447848477 Mr. George Kalayatholil, Koomamkulam, Manjappatta, 676 123, Mob.9447382258, 9633226060 Mr. Baby Joseph, Varapadavil, Munduparamba P.O. Malappuram, 676 509, 0483-2738634, 9895404305
Mariyapuram Very. Rev. Fr. Jacob Kuthoor, Pariyapuram P.o 679 321, Malappuram, Mob. 9495696753 Mr. Mathukutty Puthenpurackal, Pariyapuram P.O, 679 321, Malappuram, Mob.9495607195 Mr. Biju Vettam, Pariyapuram P.O, 679 321, Malappuram, Mob.9846616734
Marudomkara Very. Rev. Fr. Jose, Vadakkedom, Marudonkara, 673 513, Mob. 9495109767 Mr.Benny Joseph, Paikayil, Marudomkara P.O.673513, Mob.9745300773, 9496470955 Mr. Thomas Philip, Narickattu, Chempanoda PO, Peruvannamuzhi, 673528, Home-0496-2663286, Mob.9495015804 Mrs.Claramma C.V, Chuvappunkal, Chembanoda P.O 673 528, 0496-2566240, 9497805799
Paroppady Very. Rev. Fr. Thomas Poriyath, St.Antonys, Church, Paroppady, Malaparamba, 673 009, 9447336865,0495-2371727 Mr. Jacob Irimben Zion, Kuttiyothparampa, Medical College P.O, Kozhikode-8, 0495-2355461, 9495414203 Mr. Anto Francis Nellissery, Kinetic Touch, Joseph Road , Near 4th Railway Gate, Calicut, Mob.9446253237 Mrs.Daisy John, Alappattu 21/290, Kallai, Calicut-3, 0495-2323547
Perinthalmanna Very. Rev . Fr. Johnson Pazhukunnel, St.Alphonsa Church, Perinthalmanna, 679 322, 9447393819, 04933-228048 Mr. Antony C.J Chackunkal, Palachode (Po), Kolathur, Malappuram 679338, 04933-202429, Mob-9495216499, 9656356189 Mr.Benny Michael Pulickal, Angadippuram P.O, Malappuram, 679 321, 9495816488, 04933-258162
Thamarassery Very. Rev. Fr. Thomas Nagaparambil, Mary Matha Church, Thamarassery, 673 573, Mob.9446244392 Mr. Biju Thomas Kanippillil, Perubali, Chamal 673586, Mob.9048723869, 0495-2220558 Mr. Sebastian K.V. Kaitharathe, Thamarassery P.O. 673 573, 9496125789 Mrs. Reetha John, Kuttipoovathinkal, Nooramthode (PO), 673 586, 9946801821
Thiruvambady Very. Rev. Fr. Abraham Valloppilly, Thiruvambady, 673 603, 9446501944 Mr. Joshy Thomas Kandathil, Mukkom, 673602, Mob.9447319383 Mr. Sunny Joseph Thaikoottathil, Alli P.O. Mukkom, 673 602, 9961734151
Thottumukkom Very. Rev. Fr.Mathew Cheruvelil Thottumukkom P.o 673 639 Mob.94953875124 Mr. Sunny Thomas, Kochuparambil, Vettilappara, Areakode, -673 639, 9846241621 Mr. Shaji Kandathil, Valillapuzha P.O, 673639, Mob.9946122160
Vilangad Very. Rev. Fr. George Karukamalil, Vilangad P.o, 673 506, Mob.9946746245 Mr. Bijo, Thokkanattu Vilangad P.O. Manjakunnu, 673 506, Mob.9447848412 Mr. Shaji Kandathil, Valillapuzha P.O, 673639, Mob.9946122160 Mr.Saju Jacob Kodimarathummoottil, Vilangad P.O, Kallachi, 673 506, 9496430843


Diocesan Education Excellence Programme (DEEP)

Director: Rev. Fr.  Kurian Thalachirakuzhy
Address: Director, DEEP, Venappara P.O

Family Apostolate

Director: Rev. Fr. Jose Pennaparambil
Address: PMOC, Marikunnu P.O. Calicut Dt. – 673 012

0495 - 2730870


Family Apostolate

Director: Rev. Dr. Jose Pennaparambil
Address: PMOC, Marikunnu P.O. Calicut Dt. – 673 012


Family Units

Director: Rev. Fr. Jacob Kappilumackal
Address: Pastoral Centre, P. B No. 1
Bishop's House, Thamarassery P.O 

Malapuram Fr. Sebastian Chembukandathil
Thottumukkom Fr. Kizhakekunnel Simon     

Fellowship of Sisters of Thamarassery (FST)

Director : Very Rev. Fr. Abraham Kavilpurayidathil
President: Sr. Vimal Jose MSMI
Vice President: Sr. Royice SH
Secretary: Sr. Ignatius SABS
Treasurer: Sr. Jessy SKD
Councillors: Sr. Dencil SRA,  Sr. Jessy Maria FCC,  Sr. Lissy Jose CMC

Finance Director

Director: Very Rev. Fr.  James Kuzhimattathil
Address: Bishop’s House, Thamarassery, P.B.No. 1, Calicut Dt.  673 573

Holy Childhood

Director: Very Rev. Fr. James Kuzhimattam


Director : Msgr. Antony Kozhuvanal
Co-ordinator: Rev. Fr. Scaria Mangarayil
Address: START Bishop Mankuzhikary Nagar Kottully P.O. Kozhikode – 673 016

Jesus Youth & Christeen

Director: Rev. Fr.  Simon Vallopilly
Address: St. Mary's Church, Balussery P.O., Kozhikode – 673 612

John Paul II Institute of Councelling & Bio-ethics

President: Mar Remigiose Inchananiyil
Vice President: Msgr. John Oravumkara
Director : Rev. Fr. Kurian Puramadathil
Treasurer: Very Rev. Fr. James Kuzhimattathil


Director: Rev. Fr.  Jacob Karakunnel
Address: KLM Office, Matha Tower, Thamarassery P.O. - 673 573, Kozhikode Dt.

Karuna Hostel

Director: Rev. Fr.  Thomas Parankulangara
Address: Director, Karuna Hostel, Chevayoor P.O. Calicut Dt. 673 017 


Director: Very Rev. Fr.  Thomas Nagaparambil
Address: St. Antony’s Forane Church, Paropady, Malaparamba P.O. - 673 009

Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (KCYM)

Director : Rev. Fr. Thomas Kalarickal
Animators : Rev. Sr. Preethi MSMI
President: Mr. Saubin Elanjickal
Address : KCYM, PMOC, Marikkunnu P.O. Pin: 673 012, Kozhikode
Telephone : 0495 2731241
KCYM Mekhala Directors

Mekhala Director
Maruthomkara Fr. Sebastian Parathottathil
Koorachundu Fr. Jacob Kappilumakkal
Paropady Fr. Thomas Parankulangara
Malapuram Fr. Sebastian Chembukandathil
Perinthalmanna Fr. Sebastian Pattassery
Karuvarakundu Fr. Antony Varakil
Thamarassery Fr. Antony Karikunnel
Thottumukkom Fr. Mathew Mangalamadathil
Kodanchery Fr. Mathew Pulimoottil (Jr)


Director: Rev. Fr.  Wilson Muttathukunnel
Address: PMOC,  Marikunnu P.O.  Calicut Dt. – 673 012

Marian Pro - Life Movement

Director: Rev. Fr. Jose Pennaparambil
Members: Mr. Johnson Poovathinkal (Co-Ordinator), 

Dr. Abraham Jacob, 

Mr. N.M. VargheseNeervelil, 

Dr. Reges JohnPuthuparambil, 

Sr. Dr. Anies Francis DST

Marian Singles

Director: Rev. Fr. Jose Pennaparambil
PMOC, Marikunnu P.O., Kozhikode - 673 012

Palliative Care

Director: Rev. Fr.  Simon Kizhakkekunnel
Address: St. Joseph’s Church, Kunnamangalam P.O., Kozhikode - 673 571

Pastoral and Missionary Orientation Centre (P.M.O.C)

Director : Rev. Fr. George Kalppura
Address: PMOC, Marikunnu P.O., Calicut - 673012
Telephone: 0495-2731056, 2731955

P.M.O.C is the formation center of the Eparchy. It organises and conducts programmes related to the pastoral activities of the Diocese.  Programmes of catechetical instruction for children and youth, theological, pastoral and Biblical formation courses for religious, marriage preparation and counseling courses organised by John Paul II Institute and Master Training Programmes are regularly conducted here. Seminars, study classes and training programmes organised by different apostolates of the Diocese are also conducted in the centre.

Pope Benedict Institute of Theology and Biblical Studies

Director: Rev. Dr.  Thomas Kalarickal
Address: PMOC, Marikunnu P.O., Calicut Dt. – 673 012

Priests’ Provident Fund Association (PPF)

Director: Very Rev. Fr. Abraham Kavilpurayidathil
Address: Chancellor, Bishop's House, P.B. No. 1, Thamarassery P.O., Kozhikode - 673 573

Propagation of Faith & Little Way Association

Director: Very Rev. Fr. James Kuzhimattam

Renewal Programme

Director: Rev. Fr.  Simon Vallopilly
Address: St. Mary's Church, Balussery P.O., Kozhikode – 673 612

Society of St. Vincent De Paul (SVDPS)

Spiritual Director: Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Nagaparambil
Address: Mary Matha Cathedral, Thamarassery P.O. – 673 573

St. Thomas Academy for Research and Training (START)

Patron & Manager: Mar Remigiose Inchananiyil
Director : Msgr.  Antony Kozhuvanal
Asst. Director : Rev. Fr. Antony George Karikunnel
Academic Director : Mr. Abraham Kurian IPS
Address: START, Bishop Mankuzhikary Nagar, Kottully P.O. Kozhikode – 673016

Syro-Malabar Mathruvedi (SMM)

Director: Rev. Fr.  Simon Kizhakkekunnel
Address: St. Joseph’s Church, Kunnamangalam P.O., Kozhikode - 673 571

Temperance Movement

Director: Rev. Fr.  Simon Kizhakkekunnel
Address: St. Joseph’s Church,  Kunnamangalam P.O., Kozhikode - 673 571


Director: Very Rev. Fr.  John Valliyamthadathil
Address: St. Thomas Church, Kallurutty P.O., Calicut Dt. 673 603

Vocation Bureau

Director : Rev. Fr. Jacob Areethara
Address:         St. Alphonsa Seminary, P.B. No. 1, Thamarassery P.O., Kozhikode - 673 573